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Cerberus Moto Shop

Episode 91 – Cerberus Moto

April 20, 2016

Dave from Cerberus Moto is in the house! Dave joins Crash and Stephen to talk about the Coop concept of motorcycle repair and custom shops. Dave had to correct us on the way the membership works. Stephen talks about the Fireball 200 and The HandBuilt Show in Austin, TX. We discuss EBR motorcycles and their future.…

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Surprisingly Relaxed

March 6, 2016

Crash has a new reason to “get out and ride”…it’s ME, Jess! For the past year I have been falling in love with riding on the back of Chris’s  Triumph Bonneville.  We ride quite regularly together.  Having two small kids at home makes it a bit hard to go as often as we would like, but…

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Passionate about riding and all things motorcycle.



My name is Chris Ashmore. I have been into motorcycles in one way or another for most of my life, but when I'm not riding I work on helicopters as an aviation electronics tech in the US Navy. I started this podcast to share my love for motorcycles with all of you, and hopefully build a community where we can share ideas and thoughts with each other.


Guzzi Steve

Stephen "Guzzi Steve" Grasso is the co-host and faithful sidekick to Crash. He is a retired fire-rescue Battalion Chief with 35 years of service and currently works in fire department administration. He as been riding motorcycles since the late 70's and would rather be on two wheels than four any day.



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