Quick Update on my bike project.

Hey guys, I just wanted to post a little photo/video update on how things are going on the Bonneville (her name is Carrigan, by the way).

I took a $30 LED taillight from kapscomoto and made a new LED circuit card for it. Now there are 2 taillights made by this company that from the outside look identical. One has integrated turn signals and one does not. The one without the turn signals is nice and bright and personally I think it is a fine light. The integrated one however is not nearly bright enough, as a result of losing some of the LED’s to the turn signal circuits. Using the instructions I found here as a guide I set about making my own light. I have since done it to an old Lucas style taillight I had lying around as well. By using the proper resistors, the turn signals do not need an LED compatible flasher and the do not flash in a pattern likely to give people with epilepsy a problem. Anyway, enough talk. Pics or it didn’t happen right? Here they are. If you would like to do this or you would like me to do this for you, send me an email.

The first circuit is the original. The second is the one I made.