Episode 16 – Oktoberfest, Trophy, Cretins

This episode sponsored by CafeRacerNews.com, Metzeler sends your to Oktoberfest, new MSF and VA Tech study for motorcyclists, I hang out with the Cretins MC and more!

2012 Triumph Trophy 1200

Cafe Racer News

Zero Demo Day This Saturday

Metzeler Oktoberfest Sweepstakes

New MSF and VA Tech Study

US Forest Service to remove derogatory language from Trail Guide

Triumph Trophy Spied by MCN

Seattle Cretins MC

Cafe Racer TV

Bubble – Deadender


1 Comment

  1. Justin M on May 24, 2012 at 2:34 am

    Can’t wait to see one of those data bikes from that study. Those bikes are going to have to be bizarro with all that gear stuck all over the place.

    I like the idea of a cafe racer tv show, but I think the format needs a tweak. I think it’s a bit too fragmented. Like they are trying to cover too many different things in one episode. But I’m happy the show exists regardless.

    Also agree with you about garage build better than show build. And why oh why did they decide to make that Norton so shiny? The red frame is sweet, but the only other thing that wasn’t a mirror was the tires. Meh – ignore my whining. It was a sweet bike that looked awesome up in those mountains.

    Liking the short intro music, btw.