Episode 27 – Giving away stuff!

Honda brings the CB1100 to the USA in 2013. Hero might be building a 250 sportbike with Erik Buell. Bimota builds a supercharged bike with a Ducati Testastretta motor in it. The winner of the 1 Year 100 Likes Giveaway is announced! Also I have a nasty looking CBR wheel in my garage.

Cafe Racer TV

The Pace Podcast


CB1100 Cafe Racer

Hero and Erik Buell

2013 Bimota DB11 VLX


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  1. Robb Hindle on November 22, 2012 at 8:40 pm

    Great podcast! Very informative, well done! I’m subscribed via iTunes and gave you 5 starts. Keep up the good work!