Aerostich Waxed Cotton Courier Bag – First Impressions

Aerostich have been making messenger-style bags for over 20 years now and have become the go-to source for minimalist over-the-shoulder bags. So when it came time for me to get a new bag to use for my commute and as a sort of catch-all for odds and ends when I travel, the Aerostich Courier Bag was on the top of my list.

Aerostich sells messenger bags in 4 sizes, all of which have postal service inspired names. From smallest to a largest they are as follows:

Letter – 300 cubic inches (very small, almost like a purse)

Dispatch – 1100 cubic inches (big enough for a small laptop and your lunch)

Courier(pictured below) – 1700 cubic inches (big enough to carry a laptop, change of cloths, lunch and many other odds and ends)

Parcel – 2700 cubic inches (huge. This is probably past most rider’s upper limit on size for a bag. You could probably fit a body in here.)

The bags all come in 2 fabric options, Cordura (the same as their Roadcrafter riding suits and many high-end motorcycle clothes) and Waxed Cotton. All of the bags, regardless of outer fabric, are lined with a yellow reinforced vinyl to aid in water proofing and have a wide reflective stripe on the flap. These bags aren’t completely waterproof but should withstand a light to moderate rain.

I chose the Waxed Cotton Courier Bag for a few reasons. First, the bag I am currently carrying is close to the same size as the Dispatch and I needed a little more room. Second, the waxed cotton just looks and feels great and goes with the retro look of my Bonneville perfectly. Also, I really have a thing for brown and the Cordura bags don’t come in brown.

My first thought upon opening the box from Aerostich was, “Wow, this is bigger than I thought it would be.” Sure I had read the dimensions on the site but it really didn’t hit home until I had it in my hands. The next thing that hit me was how solid this thing feels and how nice the waxed cotton fabric feels. It makes me want to pick up the Aerostich Falstaff jacket but that certainly isn’t in the budget. My wife commented that the fabric shows scratches easily and I attribute that to the same way you can brush all the pile in your carpet one way and it looks like a slightly different shade of the same color. Overall I am very impressed with the bag and it definitely has plenty of room for the stuff I need to carry back and forth on my commute. I commented to the guys over at Aerostich that the bag was bigger than I expected and they reminded me that they would be happy to exchange it, should I find it to be too big. In all my dealings with the company I have always had exemplary customer service and they have never left me unsatisfied. Once I get a chance to ride with the bag some more I will be sure to follow up with a more in-depth review. Take a look below for a picture of the bag with my 15.6″ laptop sitting in front of it. That should help you understand the exact size of this bag. The Aerostich Waxed Cotton Courier Bag retails for $107. Find them at

Waxed Cotton bag with Laptop