Mountain Roads from Kelly M.

This week we received a letter form Kelly M. with some great road suggestions in North Carolina. Keep em coming!


Steve and Crash,
I just finished listening to episode 48 and have a suggestion for good routes in the NC mountains. Just about any road marked on the America Rides Maps is a good one: I make three or four trips to the mountains each year and use these maps to plan my routes. Just string the recommended roads together, program them on the GPS, and I have a nice loop of about 150 to 190 miles. That makes a good day of riding.

My favorite roads are NC181 ( and TN352/NC212/NC208. TN321/TN67 by the TVA Watauga Reservoir is a nice road, and NC621 south of Roan Mountain is very technical and fun. A smaller bike would have an advantage on that road.

I don’t find too much gravel on the mountain roads. Sometimes you have to watch out for gravel around curves because of driveways or over-wash from the hills. I worry more about coming up on a bicyclists or people crossing the center line on turns.

I enjoy your podcast! Thank you for bringing it to us.

Kelly M.
Raleigh, NC