Episode 68, no 66 of the Cafe Racer Podcast



On this episode we talk about Stephen’s plans for the CB750 using the Airtech fairing kit and about listener Mike’s Bonneville (seen above) that has the Farley and Ace fairing. We discuss pricing on the new BMW Nine-T and what ADV means. But mostly, we have fun with the Q&A of the live stream audience!  Thanks for listening & watching guys!



  1. Chris Shockley on November 17, 2014 at 1:34 pm


    I owned a 2006 ST for a couple of years (put ~20 K Miles). It had risers, but even still, my knees, wrists and neck would require me to take long breaks every hour and half. Horrible? No, but after riding a Bonneville 7 hours a day for 3 days when I brought my wife’s SE back from SoCal, and NOTHING hurt, it opened my mind to the more upright position. Ok, my ass hurt, but no more than it did on the Sprint (angles you forward).

    LOVED the 1050 motor, but it really is more of a “gentleman’s” sport bike than a touring machine (super long days). For me, it’s much too specific a machine. Good for going fast, but anything else…not so much.

    NOTE: I started riding when I was 40 and so was never a kid with a sport bike. Maybe if that was my background I’d feel the Sprint was more relaxed.

    Currently I have a r1150r Rockster (I put risers on it), but it’s becoming winter so I can’t speak in terms of comparison for long days (5-7 hours).

    • Steve Grasso on November 20, 2014 at 5:15 pm

      Chris, Thanks for the comment.I test rode a Sprint a few years back in Daytona and really didn’t like the riding position. I was much more comfortable on the ST1300 I had. I just couldn’t synch with that bike. Maybe it was too relaxed. Now, I can ride the Tenni for about an hour or so and I need a break. The Stelvio is a completely different story as I can easily spend all day on the bike. I really believe that a good seat helps with that and using the Airhawk really makes a difference for me. -Stephen