I want an AX!


Photo courtesy of Autoevolution

Florin Tibu of Autoevolution penned an article last week that had some speculation on the future of the EBR 1190AX. This is a bike that I really want to see produced. I love the idea of an American made adventure bike with the heart of an 1190RX.

In the article the term “Sport-Adventure” is used. Now personally, this is the first time I’ve seen this term used but it’s something that we discussed on the last episode.

The lines between touring-sport touring-super sport touring-adventuring touring and now sport adventure seem to be blurring. Why is this type of bike becoming so popular? Is it because we are all Ewan and Charlie wannabes? I really think it boils down to simple practicality. As my squid generation gets older we find it harder to spend long days in the saddle of a touring bike that’s closer to that of a race replica (busa?). The bike ADV/Sport Tourers just seem to make sense… high handle bars, upright seating, cavernous storage, and now with bikes like the Sport-Adventure class, horsepower to go along with all the creature comforts. To be honest this bike already existed in the form of a Multistrada and now it appears that BMW, Aprilia, and MV are following suit.

Yes, I know, a 600 pound machine is not an adventure bike . Well, it is if your destination is Starbucks. But seriously, I get the argument about having a true purpose-built dual-sport, but what about the traverse? Getting from the city to the place where said lightweight dual-sport shines? I know I would never last riding a 250 or 400 from South Florida to the Southwest. Hell, I wouldn’t want to ride those bikes from here to Ocala for that matter. So do I ride some flavor of Sport Tourer or Super Sport out West? I think I’ll stick with my Italian, overweight, wannabe world traveling machine until Erik builds the AX. -Stephen