Episode 73 – Dropped bikes and Blown Engines

Crash and Stephen are back together and have been dealing with vehicle issues. Crash drops his bike and Stephen’s engine in his RAM truck dies. We talk about Honda’s concept bike, the BullDog, and the demise of EBR.

Dodge Hemi Timing Chain Failure

Filing a complaint with the NHTSA

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  1. Joe Popp on April 23, 2015 at 5:49 am

    Sorry about the tank Crash. Sorry about the Hemi Steve. Ugh. I was really pulling for EBR and even wrote then regarding my show but no response. Maybe there is hope still for them. Agree on the R-Nine-T pricing. I might have put down for one if it was around 11K.

    Great podcast and thanks again for last episode! Regarding Paul’s comments on the last episode, I never set out to make a lifestyle show. I like what I like too! I am race fan, gear nerd, musician, and an individualist. I march to the beat of my own drum and I encourage everybody to do so in all aspects of their life. I loved Steve’s response about the bond between motorcyclists. I enjoy talking about all areas of motorcycling. Yes, I am a motorcyclist, but I am not defined by the type or brand of bike I ride. As Crash mentioned, I also mostly ride alone. It’s instant therapy for me not a measure of how cool I am. But I guess that’s the amazing thing about motorcycles is that they can serve each rider in different ways. Respectfully, Joe Popp