Cyclops Adventure Sports Phoenix Headlight

Cyclops Phoenix LED

Cyclops DOT Approved Phoenix LED Headlight

Stephen talks with Greg from Cyclops about their DOT approved Headlight replacement. The Complex Reflector design features three low beam LEDs and two high beam LEDs with a combination of projector and reflector type LEDs. This combination provides superior low and high beam outputs with approximately 4X the distance compared to standard factory headlights.

– Plug and Play H4 Connector
– Durable Polycarbonate Lens
– Superior Light Output and Beam Patterns
– Same Size as Stock Lamp / No Trim Ring Needed
– High Efficiency Lightweight Design
– IP68 Rated
– Lifetime Warranty

– Canbus Compatible and DOT Approved
– Reduced Low Beam Current – 1.1 Amps (Stock Halogen – 4.9 Amps)
– Reduced High Beam Current – 1.5 Amps (Stock Halogen – 5.5 Amps)
– Lighter Weight
– Meets Applicable DOT FMVSS Specifications
– 5800K Color Temperature / Perfect Match to Dynamic Ringz


Check them out here – Cyclops Phoenix