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My name is Chris Ashmore. I have been into motorcycles in one way or another for most of my life, but when I’m not riding I work on helicopters as an aviation electronics tech in the US Navy. I started this podcast to share my love for motorcycles with all of you, and hopefully build a community where we can share ideas and thoughts with each other. Feedback is always welcome. If you think we should be doing something differently or would like to contribute, please feel free to contact me.

Email: crash@caferacerpodcast.com

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Twitter: @caferacerx

Stephen “Guzzi Steve” Grasso is the co-host and faithful sidekick to Crash. He is a retired fire-rescue Battalion Chief with 33 years of service and currently works in fire department administration. He as been riding motorcycles since the late 70’s and would rather be on two wheels than four any day.

Email:  steve@caferacerpodcast.com

Twitter: @StephenGrasso

The Cafe Racer Podcast is in no way associated with Cafe Racer Magazine or the Cafe Racer TV show, though I highly encourage you to check them both out.

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