Surprisingly Relaxed

Crash has a new reason to “get out and ride”…it’s ME, Jess! For the past year I have been falling in love with riding on the back of Chris’s  Triumph Bonneville.  We ride quite regularly together.  Having two small kids at home makes it a bit hard to go as often as we would like, but…

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Grooming. Can you be manly and metrosexual?

I recently listened to an episode of the Cleveland Moto Podcast, one of my favorite shows, and the topic of male grooming came up. The subject came up because in the Progressive International Motorcycle Shows there is an old-fashioned barbershop offering straight razor shaves, haircuts, beard trimming, pomades, and other hipster-esque grooming accessories and treatments.…

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Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield Himalayan Motorcycle

Introducing the Royal Enfield Himalayan! Hot off the presses, Royal Enfield introduces a new motorcycle for 2016…. New Delhi, India, February 2, 2016: Royal Enfield, the fastest growing motorcycle brand in the world, today introduced the Himalayan—a motorcycle purpose-built for adventure and touring in the Himalayas. Bringing together 60 years of Himalayan riding experiences in…

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