Cyclops Adventure Lighting Review

Bright Lights!

Do you know how when you research the purchase of a new bike, you read comments like “the seat is horrible” or “the handlebars need to be higher.” Invariably you’ll find someone who posts the exact opposite opinion claiming that it has the best seat ever, or that the handlebar hight is perfect. Well, the…

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CyclePump Tire Inflator

CyclePump Expedition Pump

Stephen did a quick demonstration on the BestRest Products CyclePump and EZAir Gauge with the crew from AmenMoto. It was a hot and humid day riding with the South and Central Florida MSTA guys when Stephen noticed a TPS warning going off. So after breakfast the gang stopped to get some air in those big…

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Schuberth M1 with SRC

Schuberth M1

Schuberth M1 with SRC review by Crash Schuberth has been making modular motorcycle helmets for as long as I can remember, and ever since then they have had the reputation for being the at the pinnacle of that business. Little did I know that Schuberth has branched out over the years and now they offer…

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Our Review of the Kali Protectives Tantra

This turned out to be a great helmet, and far better than expected at this price point. I’ve heard others go on about the Kali but I didn’t expect to like it this much. Kali’s technology is what sets them apart from other manufacturers… read about that here – Technology. If you want t great…

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EmpireCovers American Armor Motorcycle Cover – First Look

This week we received an American Armor Motorcycle cover  from EmpireCovers to test and review. EmpireCovers has been in the business for almost 10 years producing covers for pretty much anything on wheels. For motorcycles they make seven different models. SEVEN!  The American Armor is their top of the line cover featuring a Basofil fireproof…

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