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Episode 91 – Cerberus Moto

Cerberus Moto Shop

Dave from Cerberus Moto is in the house! Dave joins Crash and Stephen to talk about the Coop concept of motorcycle repair and custom shops. Dave had to correct us on the way the membership works. Stephen talks about the Fireball 200 and The HandBuilt Show in Austin, TX. We discuss EBR motorcycles and their future.…

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Episode 82 – AIMExpo Day 1 Wrap-up

Crash and Stephen are joined by Spencer Hill of The Gear Dude and Chuck from The Wheelnerds Podcast to discuss their first day of the 2015 AIMExpo

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Episode 73 – Dropped bikes and Blown Engines

Crash and Stephen are back together and have been dealing with vehicle issues. Crash drops his bike and Stephen’s engine in his RAM truck dies. We talk about Honda’s concept bike, the BullDog, and the demise of EBR. Dodge Hemi Timing Chain Failure Filing a complaint with the NHTSA

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I want an AX!

Florin Tibu of Autoevolution penned an article last week that had some speculation on the future of the EBR 1190AX. This is a bike that I really want to see produced. I love the idea of an American made adventure bike with the heart of an 1190RX. In the article the term “Sport-Adventure” is used.…

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Episode 65 – AIMExpo recap

\ Stephen talks about his visit to the AIMExpo and demo rides…..  guess which one he liked the best.    Hint…..  

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