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Stephen attends the Ace Cafe’s Groundshaking event in Orlando Florida. We get to talk with Jason Paul Michaels and Iron & Air magazine publisher Brett Houle. We also spent time with our friends from the Cafe-Moto Club and the Vintage Iron Club.

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Episode 70 – Pomade

Crash and Stephen Return!… We are back after a long hiatus. Crash has a new baby girl and Stephen… well Stephen was just busy as usual. Stephen visited the Miami International Motorcycle show and sat on the new Ducati Scrambler. We discuss Twisted Throttle’s TT100 build, The Nonoise Motorsport plug, our SENA Bluetooth 20S test…

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Episode 63 – Chatting with Amira

Crash and Stephen chat with Amira about her bikes and her riding. She gives us a great tip about Couch Surfing.   

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